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Lean Six Sigma Online Training

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

Online Lean Six Sigma Training is an exciting new area of training from SigmaPro, designed for UK and international students that are interested in studying Lean Six Sigma programmes, but do not have the time to attend classroom training, or those who require a high degree of flexibility in their study times.

The online (or e-learning) methods of study have a number of advantages over traditional classroom based training:

  • Courses can be studied at your own pace at a time to suit you.
  • Increased flexibility of study
  • Self-paced - reduces stress and increases satisfaction
  • Work in your own environment when you choose
  • Save money on travel and accommodation
  • Reduce time away from the office
  • On demand availability - allowing you to complete training conveniently at off-hours or from home

Online Lean Six Sigma Training enables us bring the same quality of Lean Six Sigma courses to a wider audience in an inexpensive and efficient way. With traditional training, the key component is the trainer, and his or her skill in engaging with the students, and conveying knowledge. All good training programmes will be a blend of different types of activities including lectures, simulations, activities and exercises. The key with online learning is that there is no direct trainer involvement, so the course has to be adopted and different methods of engagement developed. It is also possible to use online services such as chat and video calling to enhance the learning experience. Whilst online learning is not for everyone, there are significant advantages in time and cost, and if you are committed to study and self motivated it is worth exploring the online option.

Currently, we offer an Online Lean Six Sigma Training Introduction programme and further programmes are in development.