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SigmaWorks Software


Whether it be project or programme management tools, Six Sigma tools, data analysis tools or non linear optimisation, SigmaWorks has it all - plus much more!

SigmaWorks was designed with ease-of-use in mind. The workspaces are populated with the right tools in the right order based on the project type you select. This helps guide you through your project and eliminates wasted time and frustration trying to figure out which tools to use next. The tools will also be bookmarked when you've used them, so you know right where you left off in your project.

With SigmaWorks, there is no need to worry about how to import or export your data to and from a spreadsheet, because SigmaWorks runs within a familiar environment: Microsoft Excel. Because of this, you gain the entire functionality Excel has to offer without the need to import your data from Excel to SigmaWorks - it's already there!

A 30 day trial of SigmaWorks is provided with our Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt courses. The full version can also be purchased from us. Please contact us for more information.