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Lean Six Sigma Coaching & Support

The SigmaPro approach is to train people within the organisation and then support and coach them to apply what has been learnt to their own work. This approach not only ensures short term improvement, but gives people the skills to carry on once the initial improvements have been completed.

This combination of training and coaching ensures effective “skills transfer” and is the best way of achieving results over time. Whilst training programmes can always be tailored to organisation needs, each individual is different, and each person will require different support to ensure they can effectively apply what they are taught to their “live” environment. The job of the coach is to ensure effective learning and application and not do the job for the individual.

Financial justification for coaching can quite easily be estimated if it relates to project completion. Assume a project is to deliver a benefit of £120,000, which is fairly typical for many improvement projects. If the project is delayed by 1 month because the project leader is unsure how to progress things, then that’s a loss of £10,000. A few hours of coaching would cost a fraction of that amount and help the project leader become more confident and achieve results earlier.

SigmaPro offers the option of coaching with all our training programmes, and we can also support individual students after training completion if they require it. We can provide onsite coaching by the half day or full day, or as an integral part of any business improvement programme. We also provide coaching by the hour using desktop video conferencing, which has proved a big success with many clients as it gives far greater flexibility for coaching options for the student and is more cost-effecitve..

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