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Training - Lean Practitioner

Lean Practitioner Course Details

"A very enjoyable, informative week and an excellent delivery of information!" "Gave me a deeper level understanding of Lean and how to deploy it!"

Gives an in depth understanding of Lean fundamentals, classic and advanced Lean tools and guidance on Lean deployment, enabling participants to successfully lead Lean deployments within their organisations, leading to significant business improvements. Practical applications of Lean will be introduced along with hands-on exercises, tutorials and case studies to ensure rapid learning and knowledge retention.

Target Group

Lean Leaders, Improvement specialists, Managers and Lean practitioners wishing to advance their knowledge.

Those involved in process excellence initiatives within trasactional or manufacturing environments.


Ideal candidates possess good communicational skills and enjoy working in teams. Candidates should be results oriented and enjoy making improvements and accelerating change in their work environment.

Course Agenda

During the 5 consecutive days of training, you will cover the following topics.

Introduction & Fundamental Lean Principles

Course Introduction

Course admin, aims, objectives and outcomes, course roadmap

Introduction to Lean

Why Lean (profit=price-cost, World Class), What is Lean – History, TPS model

Example results achieved – Toyota, Danaher, others

Basic Lean Concepts

Lean vs Six Sigma, Culture, PDCA, Lean principles

The Lean Way

The Toyota Way, Lean Philosophy, Leadership

Specifying Value

Muda (7 wastes), Mura (variation), Muri (overburden), office wastes, service wastes

Value Stream Mapping

VSM CSM (demand, processes, Info, lead-time, process time)

Lean Foundations

Direction Management (Hoshin Kanri)

Benchmarking, Mind Of Customer, competitive forces, X-matrix, QFD, catchball

Breakthrough Improvement (Kaikaku)

3P (Production Preparation Process), DfSS, breakthrough projects, Six Sigma, Kaizen x10k

Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)

Basic principles, PDCA/DMAIC, Kaizen blitz, daily Kaizen, suggestion schemes, A3 reporting

A3 Thinking

A3 report

Standard Work

Concept, elements of SW, SW for all (prod, admin, maint, leader SW), visual, 5S, implementation


Load Levelling (Heijunka)

Demand amplification, queuing theory, Mura & Muri, Yamazumi charts, levelling methods (runners/repeaters, strangers +), mass customisation


Batch vs flow, examples of batching, set-up: observation, improvement, control


Reactive, autonomous, preventative, predictive, OEE, implementing TPM


Flow, dedicated lines, Takt, flow in the office, flow in service, practical issues

Pull (Kanban)

Pull, Kanban signals, sizing the Kanban, economic order quantity, implementing a Kanban

Man/Machine & Problem Solving Tools

Autonomation (Jidoka)

Definition, 10 steps, machine cells, monument m/c’s, 3Ds, application to admin and service

Error Proofing (Poka Yoke)

Source, self, successive, examples, office, service

Problem Solving Tools

5W2H, brainstorm, affinity, CEDAC, Pareto, 5Whys

Graphical Analysis

Time series, column/bar, pie, bubble, radar

Implementing and Managing Lean

Implementing Lean

Deployment process, examples of Lean deployment

Developing a Lean Culture

Lean culture, 14 management principles, change management

Facilitation Skills

Facilitating a workshop – charter, team selection, preparation, leadership/coach, report-outs

Daily Management

Gemba focus, Hr by Hr management, balanced score cards/True North & cascade of KPIs, QOS

Course Close

Continuing your Lean journey, close of course

Location and Duration

Our courses are held in Birmingham, London, Leeds and Newcastle Upon Tyne (view our course calendar). All of our courses include full documentation in hard and soft copy (PDF files). Lunch is provided and the course consists of one full day training.

Why Book a SigmaPro Lean Practitioner course?

Here is what we offer...SigmaPro

Over 20 years experience

All trainers are Certified Lean Six Sigma practitioners

Proprietary course material, developed by experienced Lean Six Sigma practitioners

A detailed explanation of the DMAIC methodology

An introduction to the DMAIC methodology

Mixed class curriculum (lecture, workshops, exercises, group work, etc.)

Personal, competent and free advice at any stage of the educational process

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