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Lean Six Sigma Resources

Business Improvement itself is continually improving. New methods are researched, developed, tested, communicated and implemented every day. It is no longer good enough to look back 20 years at what others have done, organisations need to look to the future.


The business standards that are acceptable today will not be acceptable tomorrow. The ability to effectively innovate and improve is no longer desirable, it is essential. Organizations that can continually improve and innovate will survive and flourish, those that cannot will decline”

Douglas P. Mader, CEO SigmaPro


SigmaPro is at the forefront of this drive to create new knowledge. We sponsor research into new models of business improvement in partnership with leading universities. We develop new and improved approaches to problem solving, taking the best of the best and making it better.

Take a look through our catalogue of Lean Six Sigma articles, research publications and partner links to see what we mean.