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Consulting - Business Improvement: Maturity Assessment

Maturity Assessment Process

Independent Strategic Review

SigmaPro’s Maturity Assessment Process is an independent review of your organisation to identify opportunities for improvement, your current level of maturity against our strategic competences model and the business case for making the improvements.

The process involves agreeing a plan for the review with you, time on site, discussions with a selection of staff, review of the current processes and collection of data. The Maturity Assessment Process is not an audit but a partnership review. Many organisations value such an independent review because it is done objectively and the time to step back and do it is difficult to find internally.

Feedback Report

To carry out the review typically takes 2-3 intensive days on site for 2 people, this will vary depending on the complexity and size of the organisation. The review is carried out by experienced SigmaPro Master and Black Belt consultants, all of whom have extensive experience in helping organisations achieve breakthrough performance improvement. The review will require some preparation from the organisation to get the most out of the time onsite.

The process involves collection of financial and non financial data, and we are able to link the two elements of performance to estimate the financial impact of any improvement opportunities. Typically the potential performance improvements will be 10-15% of Cost of Sales, but this will vary dependant on the nature of the organisation. The output from the review is a comprehensive, independent report on the organisation, with potential improvement opportunities highlighted, together with details of how these could be tackled, and including cost:benefit analysis.

The report and all details of the review are kept confidential, but. If required, the results can be fed back to company management in the form of a workshop to explore the findings in further detail.


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