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Helping organisations improve business performance

Using six sigma, lean, change management and systems thinking

To change an organisation requires changing people, giving them new skills, new competences, new ways of working and thinking. SigmaPro develops and coaches people at all levels, helping them to achieve what they never thought they could.

Our approach is based around 'best of the best' tools and techniques for improving business performance - including Six Sigma, Lean, Change Management and Systems Thinking.

We work closely with organisations to help them identify and improve existing processes and develop new products, processes and services, with the objectives of transforming the organisation quickly and achieving breakthrough performance improvement, both now and in the future.


The first phase is to review the organisation. SigmaPro's proprietary Maturity Assessment Process (MAP) examines both current state and opportunities for future improvement. The ability to link process performance to financial performance allows a clear business case to be rapidly established.


Developing the organisation requires change for both processes and people. Understanding and commitment at senior level is a prerequisite for programme success and SigmaPro's interactive feedback workshop allows detailed discussion on the business case, infrastructure, goals and targets and the steps to take first. Programme design is a function of an organisation's culture, desire, and capacity for change.


A focus on action is a feature of successful organisations. Once improvement opportunities are identified and prioritised the next step is to tackle them. SigmaPro support and coach people to tackle improvements using a proprietary roadmap and toolset during training, delivering a clear ROI fast. In parallel, we work with the organisation to prepare the ground for future improvements.


Once the potential for performance improvement is clear, and the methods used proven, SigmaPro helps you drive improvement at strategic, functional and individual level, with the focus on achieving long term organisational goals. SigmaPro will continue to work with people at all levels to develop and apply skills in managing change, improving people and improving processes.


To achieve a self-sustaining and innovative approach to improvement is the goal. Every part of the organisation is involved, everyone contributing. New product and processes are introduced right first time, with suppliers involved and contributing as if they were part of the organisation itself. There is internal capability to develop, train and coach people. The transformation is almost complete, the real journey is about to begin.