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Lean Six Sigma Belt Certification

Competence Assessment for Green and Black Belts

A certified Lean Six Sigma Belt is a trained professional who can demonstrate effective knowledge, understanding and application of methods and tools to real projects. A certified belt must have team leadership abilities, and have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC process.

The SigmaPro certification scheme is designed to assess belt competences in three ways:

  • Successful completion of an approved training programme
  • Review of a completed project (2 for Black belt) carried out within the student's own organization.
  • The passing of an exam covering the curriculum

Details of certified candidates will be held on the SigmaPro register and all successful delegates will be awarded a certificate.

Certified Black Belts must complete SigmaPro approved training, covering a defined curriculum. Successful completion of the course will be verified by the course tutor and course attendance records. It is not necessary that all course weeks are attended on the same wave of training.

Candidates must submit a written project report for each project demonstrating effective application of the DMAIC methodology. Projects must demonstrate added value to the organisation concerned at least equal to the cost of training. Projects must be completed. The project reports must be verified by an officer of the organisation for which the project was carried out.

Projects will be reviewed by a panel of a minimum of two persons and assessed for effective application of Lean Six Sigma methods. Candidates must attend a review session at which they present their projects and answer any questions from the review panel on the day of review. Candidates must submit project reports at least three weeks prior to attending the review session. Project assessment does not need to be done on the same day as the exam.

Project reviews will result in either a pass or resubmit mark, together with points for consideration on resubmission.

The exam is a 2 hour exam, consisting of multiple choice and written response questions. Candidates must advise SigmaPro of their intention to attend the exam at least three weeks prior to the exam date. Candidates will be issued with either a fail, pass or distinction mark. Previous exam papers are available on request.
If you are interested in becoming a certified lean Six Sigma belt, then please contact us for further details