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Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) Training

What is Design for Six Sigma?

Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) is an approach to new product, process and service design where innovation is required. Improving existing products and processes uses the DMAIC methodology and an appropriate toolset to ensure that problems that have appeared insoluble are solved and then remain solved. Black and Green Belts learn the methodology and toolset in detail and are then able to effectively apply it.

Whilst some of the tools are similar, DfSS requires a different approach to DMAIC, because it is based on the principle of risk avoidance and innovation. The premise of DfSS is that for any problem that occurred in the design process, the risk must have existed at the beginning of the project: either that or the project requirements have not been clearly understood or defined. The objective of DfSS at a high level is therefore to establish clarity of requirements, mitigate risk and ensure the design successfully meets the requirements. The approach typically ensures more effective use of resource which in turn leads to faster lead times and improved quality upon completion.

The SigmaPro DfSS Training Programme

SigmaPro’s DfSS programme is designed to show participants how the DfSS approach to product, service and process design enables organisations to clearly quantify requirements, identify and minimise risk and optimise robust new designs in rapid timescales. The end result is more effective new products, services and processes produced in rapidly reduced timescales.

DfSS Info PackStudents will learn how to:

  • Overcome the issues involved in developing, deploying and sustaining a DfSS programme
  • Integrate DMADV and DMAIC into an overall improvement approach for the organisation
  • Effectively run DfSS projects
  • Capture and analyse qualitative VOC data using an integrated toolset
  • Use TRIZ to generate innovative design concepts
  • Identify critical design elements and variables in new products and processes
  • Optimise design performance by using transfer function analysis, modelling & simulation
  • Predict real world system and product performance using reliability analysis
  • Bring new products processes and services to market Right First Time.

Costs & Dates

In the UK we run a limited number of public training programmes in London and Birmingham with delegate numbers restricted to just 12 per programme. Our next programme is running in London on the 25th November 2013. The tutor for this programme is our founder and world renowned DfSS expert, Dr Douglas Mader.

The cost for the programme is £2,450 (plus VAT).

About SigmaPro

SigmaPro's aim is to work with others to help them achieve breakthrough performance improvement. Our founder Dr Douglas Mader was the World’s first Master Black Belt, and our programmes are now recognised as amongst the very best available. We continually undertake research into best practice in business improvement, and the findings are incorporated into our training. SigmaPro has trained over 10,000 Green, Black and Master Black Belts in Lean Six Sigma across the world and we carry out public training at all levels from awareness to expert. Some of our better known clients include Bausch and Lomb, Trelleborg, De La Rue, Lloyds Bank, the Police, and RBS.

What to do next

For further details, please complete the Request for Information and we will send you a full information pack. Within the pack is an application form which you may use to apply for the programme, giving your preferred venue and dates