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Why Six Sigma for Growth?

All businesses want to grow but what differentiates the real winners is the ability to continue to grow successfully year after year. We can help you achieve that by creating a sustainable growth culture and process in your organization by using Six Sigma for growth.

Many successful Multinationals are using Six Sigma in their Sales and Marketing functions to implement proven approaches that overcome barriers and lead to sustainable business growth. We have taken the key learnings from these programmes and are now able to offer an individually adapted programme for your organisation.

We can show you a proven way to FIND, WIN and KEEP customers while improving the efficiency of your Sales and Marketing process so growth becomes just that much easier.

Six Sigma for Growth focuses on the three key areas of strategy, tactics and operational excellence within the Sales and Marketing function.

Having a good strategy, tactics and sales process are not enough you also need to make sure you have a seamless connection between them. From Management team through Marketing into Sales and on to the Customer.

More importantly the process needs to work the other way round and start at the Customer, only then do you really start to understand the customer’s needs and start delivering true customer value.

Let us show you how to achieve this. Six Sigma works! Let us show you how to make it work in Sales and marketing!

We have three programmes to help you achieve this:-

Strategy – Aimed at the Management team.

Tactics – Aimed at Growth Champions.

Operational excellence – Aimed at Growth Leaders

Want to discuss what you need and how we can help you implement it? Contact us on +44 (0)1676 532470

We are now offering customised individual management team sessions and accredited public programme to Management responsible for growth (Champions) and Sales and Marketing professionals (Growth Leaders).


Six Sigma for Growth Training Programmes

There are three types of programmes on offer. A management team programme for Strategy creation and evaluation. A Champion’s programme for Directors and senior managers who are responsible for growth strategy and tactical implementation. Then a growth leader’s programme for sales and marketing professionals who are responsible for the operational implementation.

Management Team Programme

This is an individually designed programme for your Company using Six Sigma for Growth to help you discover new markets, new products, new trends and new opportunities allowing you to clearly identify risks and rewards whilst evolving your strategy accordingly.

Champions Programme

The programme is designed to give a clear understanding of the benefits that Six Sigma for growth brings and explains how to create a sustainable approach to profitable growth within an organisation. It enables growth champions to effectively translate strategy into clear plans for growth, and explains how to identify, prioritise, select and launch projects to achieve sustainable growth.

Growth Leaders Programme

The objective of the programme is to develop growth leaders so they are capable of using Six Sigma for business growth tools and methods in growth projects.


Target Groups

Champions Programme - Directors and senior managers who are responsible for business growth. Growth Champions should possess a good grasp of the overall business operation, be clear on the organisation strategy and be able to effectively influence other stakeholders. The programme is designed for anyone who has been tasked with delivering strategic improvement within a marketing and sales environment.

Growth Leaders Programme - Sales and marketing professionals who are responsible for business growth. Candidates should possess the potential to quickly develop an understanding of the processes to be improved and have the perseverance to succeed. The programme assumes no prior knowledge of Six Sigma and is suitable for those committed to improvement, in either sales, marketing or commercial environments.


Programme Agenda

Champions Programme

  • Identify barriers to growth.
  • Develop a culture for sustainable growth.
  • Define ways to grow a business including market analysis, customer value, key accounts and pricing.
  • Introduce effective methods for tracking and reporting sales performance.
  • Understand the current selling culture and develop and implement the infrastructure to support growth and deliver real customer value.
  • Develop a sales and marketing strategy in line with the business strategic plan with key performance indicators (KPIs) and milestones to track performance.
  • Deliver growth plans effectively.
  • Encourage the human behaviours likely to lead to sustainable growth.

 Growth Leaders Programme

  • Support the execution of the growth strategy.
  • Identity, prioritise, select and manage growth projects successfully.
  • Lead growth teams and influence stakeholders.
  • Understand how to analysis markets, customer value, processes, key accounts and pricing.
  • Use proven tools and methods to identify barriers to growth.
  • Think creatively and prioritise growth actions.
  • Ensure sustainable growth.
  • Integrate into and support an existing Six Sigma programme.


Programme Duration

Management Champion – Each programme lasts two days.

Growth Leader - Each programme lasts six days. This is split into three sessions of two days each a month apart with individual coaching in between. The design of the programme helps you to select and manage your change projects while still having the support of the programme tutors. This ensures a smooth introduction of the Six Sigma for growth methodology into your business.


Location and Dates


Jan 27th and 28th

Feb 24th and 25th

April 6th and 7th

Interested and want more information contact us on +44 (0)1676 532470