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Lean Six Sigma for HR Professionals

Lean Six Sigma is the fastest growing approach to business improvement ever, and certified belts are in great demand because of the results they can achieve for the organisation. HR professionals are receiving an ever increasing number of requests from internal staff for Lean Six Sigma training, but is this justified, and how does an HR professional decide whether staff should be trained, who should be trained, to what level, and what is the likely return on investment?

With the right programme, and careful selection of staff, Lean Six Sigma provides a fantastic range of competences and helps organisations address the skills gaps, particularly relating to managing change, reducing costs, improving service, problem solving and innovation.

SigmaPro has developed a range of services aimed at helping Human Resource staff to make the right decisions, and effectively manage the process of business improvement so that skills gaps are addressed whilst at the same time improving organisation performance.

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"SigmaPro were able to work with us to not only understand our needs but also to understand our processes and how the DfSS tools would most effectively support this. SigmaPro designed a bespoke workshop based programme which allowed our teams to focus on building key skills not just theoretically but also in terms of practical application"

Natasha Bishop, Group Head of HR, De La Rue

"SigmaPro were able to quickly assess our potential students, provide us with detailed feedback and structure the training programme to meet our needs and timescales. They demonstrated a professional approach in helping achieve both the Company and the Employee objectives"

Robert Hunt, HR Director, Special Metals Wiggins