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This programme has been specifically developed to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to carry out effective internal audits, incorporating the process approach. The training will cover the basic requirements of ISO9001:2000, and the auditing approach is fully compliant with the requirements of this international standard.


Deleages are likely to be responsible for carrying out audits, either internally or at suppliers. However, those who are new to auditing and those who wish to bring their skills up to date will also benefit from this course. Prior auditing or systems experience is not required.

Course Agenda

During this two day internal auditing course you will cover the following topics:

  • The prupose of internal auditing
  • How the PDCA cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act) can be used to improve organisations
  • The process approach and how it can be used to help develop a company's management syste
  • The main requirements of ISO9001
  • What top management needs to do, requirements for sales, design, purchasing and operational areas
  • The difference between corrective and preventive action
  • How to plan an audit programme based on status and importance
  • Preparing audits using a process approach
  • Carry out audits and build rapport with those being audited
  • Feed back results and ensure non-compliances and improvement suggestions are clear, concise and accepted
  • Ensure corrective actions are agreed and followed up